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Southern Mulch, LLC is a manufacturer of premium mulch and soil products. We sell wholesale to nurseries, garden centers, growers, and large retail chains. Our bagged products come in 1 and 2 cubic foot bags and bulk is sold by the cubic yard. Our facility is equipped with two state of the art bag lines, this allows us to produce up to 6 million bags per year.

As a producer of mulch and soil, our facility allows us to compete locally and nationally. We take pride in our customer service, and our attention to detail, assuring our customers quality product. We look forward to providing you with professional service and premium mulch and soil products to meet your needs.

Our mulch products are available in Red, Black, Brown and Cypress Blend. We use an upswing rotor in our machines which produces a stringier product that helps keep the mulch from floating away during heavy rainstorms once it’s placed in a landscape setting.

Our soil comes in 1 cubic foot bags, 55 bags per pallet. In bags we currently offer a Premium Top Soil and Organic Garden Soil. For bulk we offer our Plant Mix, Garden Mix, and Bed Builder Mix

All of our soil is 100% organic made from all natural ingredients. Our compost, which includes manure, undergoes strategic processing for over 4 months before it is blended with our other all natural ingredients to make our various soils. We intend to continue expanding our soil product line in the future.

Please contact us about private label bagging​​​.


Southern Mulch, located in Port Allen, Louisiana, has been in business since 2009. Our staff has over 50 years of experience in the timber, sawmill, mulch, and pallet business. In 2011 we completed construction on a new multimillion dollar facility. With our new facilities, efficient equipment, and dedicated operators and managers, we are now able to produce up to 6 million bags and 400,000 cubic yards of mulch and soil per year. Our vast inventory also assures us of raw material availability year-round.

All of Our Bagged Mulch is Officially Certified by the Mulch and Soil Council


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